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WoolyDryz dryer balls are reusable, energy saving alternative to dryer sheets that helps protect your family’s health and the environment. Our wool dryer balls work as a natural fabric softener and shorten the drying time of your laundry by circulating more air throughout the clothes.

WoolyDryz felted wool balls are handmade from 100% pure New Zealand wool. They are jumbo sized and larger than the standard sized wool dryer balls. Also, drying time is reduced by 10 – 25%, so electrical bills and energy consumption is decreased.

WoolyDryz are non-toxic and safe to use with all laundry including delicate garments such as baby clothes and cloth diapers. Our eco balls of wool contain no artificial chemicals unlike the conventional fabric dryer sheets, so they are deal for those with sensitive skin.


WoolyDryz 4 Pack
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How Do WoolyDryz Help You


  • Softens fabrics naturally, no chemicals, unscented
  • Safe for all clothes, including cloth diapers
  • Safe for the environment

  • Saves energy
  • Saves money
  • Reduces drying time by 10% to 25%

  • Helps soften all laundry
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Will last for 1,000+ loads