Creation of WoolyDryz

By |September 30th, 2014|

My name is Orisa, pronounced /Oreesha/. My family and I are excited about the launch of our eco laundry product, WoolyDryz. The inspiration behind our product stemmed from the fact that I had stopped using dryer sheets several years ago when I learned of the possible harmful affects the chemicals in fabric sheets could cause.

In 2008, when my daughter was about 2, she began to experience what was later diagnosed as seasonal allergies. She would get sick quite often. The first time she experienced wheezing, my husband and I were so scared, and worried for her. After this incidence, I began to do much research about allergies and possible triggers. During my research, I came across facts that indicated how chemicals in many of our everyday household products could cause harm to our health.

In this same time frame, I also began to experience health issues relating to hormonal imbalances. This was another reason to ditch the chemical-filled dryer sheets as well as other products that are known to have unappealing, hazardous ingredients. Knowing that toxic chemicals could get into the fabric of our clothes and when worn, rub onto our skin, and then potentially get into our bloodstream; well, this pretty much terrified me. So naturally, I stopped using conventional dryer sheets. The use of reusable dryer clothes and now our jumbo sized felted wool balls have become the healthy alternative on laundry day.

My discovery of how allergens in various products could negatively affect our health, influenced the creation of WoolyDryz. I am happy to have learned about the benefits of wool dryer balls and want to share this knowledge in hopes that others will too choose a safer alternative when it comes to [...]