Frequently Asked Questions

What are WoolyDryz?
  • WoolyDryz are 100% wool dryer balls that are used in the clothes dryer to naturally soften clothes and reduce drying time by 10 to 25%. They are a chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets that helps protect your family’s health and the environment.
  • Our felted dryer balls will not unravel, as they are handmade to last. They will last for at least 1,000 loads and are reusable for 2+ years.
  • WoolyDryz saves energy due to less drying time. And using less energy also means saving more money.
How are WoolyDryz unique from other wool dryer balls?
  • WoolyDryz are handmade from soft, 100% New Zealand wool from its outer layer and all the way to the inner core. Some other dryer balls are made using two types of wool with one type for the outer layer and another type of wool for its inner core.
  • Our jumbo sized dryer balls are larger than many standard sized dryer balls. Our dryer balls average 3.2 inches in diameter with an average circumference of 10.25 inches.
  • Since our dryer balls are handmade, they may vary slightly in size.
How do I use my WoolyDryz?
  • For small or medium loads, toss 4 WoolyDryz dryer balls into the clothes dryer with clothes. For large loads, use 6 WoolyDryz. For extra large loads, 8 dryer balls are recommended. Dry on the desired heat setting.
  • For best results, do not over load the clothes dryer’s capacity.
How do I care for my WoolyDryz?
  • To clean the dryer balls, run them through a wash cycle with detergent. They can be washed with clothes. Then toss the dryer balls (and wet laundry) in the dryer. Dry thoroughly. Note: the wool dryer balls do not need to be washed often; only if they happen to get dirty.
  • The wool dryer balls may at times have a faint sheepish smell to them. This is normal and is eliminated once they are heated in the dryer.
  • Natural pilling will occur over time. Items with Velcro may cause the dryer balls to pill more than normal.
Are WoolyDryz safe for me and my family?
  • Our eco-friendly dryer balls are non-toxic. The 100% wool balls do not contain any of the chemicals that are commonly found in conventional dryer sheets.
  • WoolyDryz naturally softens clothes without leaving harmful residue on them. Our wool dryer balls are perfect to use when drying all clothing including cloth diapers because no chemicals are used.
How effective are WoolyDryz at reducing drying times?
  • Our dryer balls will reduce drying time by 10 to 25% based on the number of balls being used with the appropriate sized load of clothes. A minimum of 4 WoolyDryz are recommended for each small to medium load. 8 dryer balls are recommended for large loads. And 10 to 12 are recommended for extra large loads.
How effective are WoolyDryz at reducing static cling?
  • Our wool dryer balls help reduce static cling. It’s suggested to not over dry your clothes as this can increase the static build up.
WoolyDryz are unscented, but what if I want my clothes to have a natural fragrance?
You can easily make your dryer balls scented to give your clothes a desired fragrance.

  1. First, completely dry your load of clothes using the unscented dryer balls.
  2. After the clothes are fully dried, remove 2 or 3 of the dryer balls, and select an essential oil and place the desired amount on the dryer balls (a few drops for each ball is usually plenty).
  3. Then put the scented dryer balls in a zippered closed pillowcase to prevent the oil from staining the clothes.
  4. Last, put the pillowcase of scented dryer balls in the dryer with the dried clothes and run on the Fluff (no heat) setting for 10 – 15 minutes. Your laundry will have a light and pleasant scent.
Why do my WoolyDryz have dark specs, or areas of slight discoloration?
  • Raw wool can have dried grass or very small pieces that the manufacturing facility refers to as “vegetable”. This is not uncommon and is natural. During the carding process, sometimes small amounts of these pieces go through, and are crushed into many smaller pieces. A small amount of our handmade dryer balls may reflect this, however, their performance is not diminished.