WoolyDryz are wool dryer balls that are handmade from 100% pure, premium New Zealand wool.
– Chemical-free alternative to conventional dryer sheets
– Safe for all linens and clothes, including cloth diapers
– Ideal for those with sensitive skin

Set Of 4 Jumbo Sized Reusable Wool Dryer Balls
– Has an average circumference of 10.25 inches
(may vary slightly in size due to being handmade)
– Felted wool balls handmade to not unravel
– Use 4 WoolyDryz dryer balls for small to medium loads
– Helps reduce wrinkles
– Helps reduce static cling, suggested to not over dry the fabrics
– Guaranteed To Last For At Least 1,000 Dryer Loads and

MPN: WD0482MM-0414

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Good One!!!

Great Job!

Goodbye dryer sheets!

Great size.

A Good thing

I've been using this woolydryz for about a year and a half --I live alone, so not too much laundry. I really like it, and it saves me even more money because I don't have to buy fabric softeners other than these. It's a new thing, but it's a Good thing.

Love this product!!!

I got these several days ago and I can already feel and see a difference in my clothes! My clothes are never stiff and feel great. I cloth diaper so drying is a nightmare in my house the dryer often takes 2-3 cycles to dry his diapers or a round of jeans. These balls really cut drying time down. I used 8 for my typical medium - large load and I didn't have to run the dryer multiple times. I have used dryer balls before but they were often small like tennis balls and I didn't feel like it made a large difference with these being the size of softballs I felt the size really added to my laundry routine. Not only are these a great quality but as an added bonus they added a super helpful tips cars that gave great advice and helpful hints to using dryer balls. One of my favorite tips was how to add a nice scent to the balls and your laundry. I had no idea this was possible. Overall I am so happy with their product and would definitely suggest this to others. As a mom anything that makes my work around the house easier is a win in my book!

Excellent Quality

wonderful large dryer balls, very dense and solid. They soften clothes as well as speed drying.

This product has cut my drying time by at least ...

This product has cut my drying time by at least 20-25%..!!...especially my towels and bedding...I will continue to use the WoolyDryz produce...